RECIPE: 'Magdalenas' cake (Tarta de Magdalenas)

Aquí os dejo la receta fácil y sencilla ('a piece of cake', se diría en inglés) que nos manda nuestra querida amiga Vanessa Santano Sampayo.
1L of milk.
4 - 5 spoons of sugar.
1 Kg “magdalenas”.
Liquid caramel for the mould.
1 packet of custard powder "Flanín" or similar.
A little sweet anise (optional).
Add the sugar in the milk.
Boil the milk.
Cut into slices the “magdalenas”.
Put the liquid caramel in the bottom of the mould.
Place the slices of “magdalena” on the caramel.
When the milk boils add the packet of custard powder and, if you want, the sweet anise.
Mix the milk with all the ingredients.
Pour the custard into the mould.
Allow the cake to cool before putting it into the fridge.
Leave it there to set for 3 or 4 hours and turn the cake out before serving.